ENCO is an innovation and research-consulting firm based in Naples, active since 1987. The company participates in national and international R&D&I projects as a facilitator for business, product, technology and process innovation in different industrial areas, including raw materials, environmental management, the agro-food sector and logistics.

ENCO is specialised in the development of market analyses, business plans and exploitation plans for innovative products, technical solutions and systems focused on market trends, market profitability and distribution channels. The company conducts market surveys with potential customers, desk analyses, SWOT analyses, and identification of economic, legislative, and behavioral barriers, customer segments analyses and competitor analyses and competitor analyses, market feasibility studies and risk analyses. Moreover, ENCO has a long track experience in the development of communication and dissemination strategies; identifying target stakeholders; developing tailor made campaigns to raise audience’s awareness on the project rationale, activities and results; identifying and selecting events, workshops and meetings; organising information and dissemination events; producing promotional and marketing materials.

As an experienced business consulting company with a long involvement in the management of international and national projects, ENCO commits to the full deployment of the CISUFLO project outputs and results by contributing with its extensive know-how in:

  • Providing business support with a focus on the European market, analysing CISUFLO’s market potential and defining a business model;
  • Developing and implementing dissemination and communication activities, spreading awareness on the activities, project development and main results obtained by CISUFLO within the peer and sectoral-specific community, and beyond:
  • Communicating the project to the target audiences by selecting the most appropriate method and channel;
  • Leading the project’s Exploitation activities, supporting CISUFLO‘s post-project phase, valorising the exploitable results obtained and setting out a strategic plan to bring them to the market.

As an internationally active consulting company, ENCO‘s participation in CISUFLO consortium allows the company to extend its business network and once more prove its ability in supporting the emerging technologies in the most critical steps of their development.

ENCO is glad to support the CISUFLO project with its expertise, contributing to the development of a circular economy for the flooring sector and the boost of industry’s confidence in the quality of recyclable or recycled materials.