CWS launches GreenMats and GreenPremium Mats: the most sustainable dust mats from CWS.

CWS is partner in the European research project CISUFLO which, thanks to the circular economy approach, aims to reduce environmental impacts by assessing the sustainability of new technologies and products. Up to one million PET bottles are recycled each year to create CWS GreenMats.  Approximately 10 discarded PET bottles are used for every square meter of mat and this is in line with one of CISUFLO’s aims: recycle old mats directly into new ones.

Alexander Glatzer, Senior Product Manager CWS Floor Care, about the new mat: “The CWS GreenMats are a milestone on the way to making our products even more resource-efficient. The CWS standard mats currently in circulation are therefore set to be gradually replaced by the new CWS GreenMats as soon as the end of their product life cycle has been reached. Any other approach would hardly be sustainable and would not be in line with our guiding principle at CWS, namely Think Circular.”

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