The CISUFLO Pilot 2 is a small-scale reproduction of an industrial plant for the identification and sorting of waste floorings. It is developed with the aim of investigating the methods currently available for identification and sorting of waste floorings.

Pilot 2 is designed to be extremely flexible and accept any type of flooring covered in the CISUFLO project.

It is composed of a conveyor belt, necessary to simulate a continuous flow of waste floorings. VIS cameras for identifying the materials and reading QR-codes when present on the waste floorings (first identification). An optical head connected to a NIR spectrometer for the chemical identification of the material (second identification). An RFID reader for the identification of RFID TAGS when present on the waste floorings (third identification). Two delta robots equipped with vaccum grippers to lift and move the identified materials into the appropriate baskets (sorting).

At the 31st month of the Cisuflo project, the development of Pilot 2 is almost complete. The system demonstrated the ability to identify QR-codes, perform NIR spectrometric analysis of the sample, and correctly lift and move samples.

To finish Pilot 2 it is necessary to proceed with the following activities:

1.carry out correct functioning tests of the RFID reader and determine its working constraints.

2.carry out tests of correct functioning of the information exchange procedure between eProdis and Pilot 2.

3.finish installing and testing the correct functioning of the systems for operator safety.

After completing the above activities, Pilot 2 will be transferred to Centexbel in Belgium where it will be used together with Pilot 3 to demonstrate the feasibility and scalability of the proposed methodology for the implementation of a circular economy process applied to waste floorings.