MOGU is an innovation-driven, environmentally conscious company, dedicated to developing and scaling-up a range of mycelium-based technologies for the production of naturally-grown biomaterials. MOGU’s technology, fully rooted in Circular Economy principles, strongly relies on partnering with fungal microorganisms and on employing their vegetative body, the mycelium, as the key agent to bind and transform different typologies of residual substrates, turning them into fully functional and high value materials and products.

Born in 2015 in Inarzo (VA – Italy), MOGU created a unique products’ portfolio composed by acoustic panels and flooring systems; thanks to their great aesthetics and technical performances, such innovations attract and capture the interest of both professionals and casual users.

MOGU is the first company worldwide to produce and commercialize high-end materials and certified products made from mycelium. Indeed, biofabrication through mycelium is a highly innovative and articulated technique which employs living organisms and residual substrates to grow innovative and sustainable materials. MOGU is delivering new materials standards that have been introduced into valuable markets, in collaboration with world leading companies.

Starting from agro-industrial residues, MOGU offers two collections of bio-based resilient tiles and roll. The proprietary formulations of the bio-based resin employed in Mogu Floor products allows to replace traditional industrial pigments with low value biomasses, such as corn crops, rice straw, spent coffee grounds, discarded seaweed and clam shells.

MOGU has joined the CISUFLO project as a bioflooring developer with the following main tasks:

  • Development of smart installation systems to simplify installation and promote reusability as part of the design for circularity approach
  • Use of low value by-products and residues resulting from agro-industrial value chains for the production of mycelium based resilient flooring: MOGU is assessing different residual materials to develop novel and improved mycelium composite materials and bioresin formulations to be used in the resilient flooring sector
  • Support the circular designing of an effective business model for systemic applications of CISUFLO results: MOGU co-designs with all the players of the flooring value chain a strategic business model to ensure that the value of innovation is recognized and beneficial for the entire value chain.

MOGU is also exploring innovative solutions for the End of Life of Mogu Floor, focusing on deinstallation and shredding to recycle the residues in new flooring solutions. Moreover, it is testing the uptake of waste streams deriving from other CISUFLO partners as part of its blend for novel circular flooring.