CISUFLO @Transport Research Arena 2022

Dr. Rosa Palmgren from VTT presented, last 14th-17th November CISUFLO at Transport Research Arena 2022 in Lisbon with a poster and a pitch presentation on CISUFLO activities and results.

Aachen Dresden Denkendorf International Textile Conference


The Aachen-Dresden-Denkendorf International Textile Conference, which will take place on December 1-2, 2022 in Aachen. The conference sessions addressing the following topics: Sustainability in the textile industry Future of textile production Textiles for medicine and health care Smart textiles & fashion Textiles - past & future Technology transfer (ZIM projects) Textile developments by start-ups Dr. [...]

DOMOTEX 2023 – Flored by Nature

The next edition of DOMOTEX, the leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings, will take place from 12 to 15 January 2023 in Hannover, Germany under the theme FLOORED BY NATURE. DOMOTEX will be held as a face-to-face event with additional digital offerings. This will once again provide all participants with a platform for [...]

Circular economy for climate adaptation and water security – lecture series overview


In the frame of the Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre, RWTH Aachen University and Asian Institute of Technology are organizing a virtual event entitled "Circular economy for climate adaptation and water security – lecture series overview". The event will start from 8th February with a series of four lectures on the topic of circularity, [...]

Working towards an EIT Innovation Agenda for Circular Textile and Fashion


EIT Culture & Creativity, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Climate KIC kicked-off the collaboration with a workshop held on the 3rd of March in the premises of the ITA Group – International Center for Sustainable Textiles of RWTH Aachen University.  The 1st EIT Innovation Agenda for Circular Textiles and Fashion workshop took place in Aachen, Germany on [...]

Innovation Forum 4 Plastics

Bruxelles , Belgium

In 2018 the European Commission adopted the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy taking into account that our society, economy and environment are all negatively affected by the way plastics are currently designed, produced, used and discarded. The amount of plastic litter is growing, hurting marine ecosystems, biodiversity and potentially human health. The [...]

Symposium wood panels & Circular Economy


FCBA, with the support of CODIFAB, is organising a symposium on wood panels and circular economy on the 23rd and 24th May 2023 in Nantes. CISUFLO project will be presented on Wednesday 24th by Dr. Geert Coudenys, R&I Director from Unilin.

The Future of Circular Textile in Europe

Kortrijk Etienne Sabbelaan 49, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

During the Flanders Flooring Days between Monday 22 May and Thursday 25 May 2023, leading flooring companies will be opening their showrooms to an international audience. Further to the Flanders Flooring Days, the West Flanders Gateway to Europe partnership, which supports international entrepreneurship in West Flanders, is organising the exclusive networking event ' The Future [...]

World Circular Economy Forum 2023

Messukeskus, Helsinki

The World Circular Economy Forum 2023 (WCEF2023), co-organised by Nordic Innovation and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, with international partners, will be held in Messukeskus, Helsinki from May 30th to June 2nd. WCEF2023 will focus on the how, inviting businesses, financiers and youth to pinpoint the potential and bottlenecks of advancing circular solutions. The Forum [...]

CISUFLO at Ecomondo 2023

Rimini , Italy

Ecomondo is an annual international trade fair and conference that focuses on environmental technologies, green energy, and sustainable development. It attracts professionals, experts, and companies from various sectors related to environmental protection and sustainability. This year, Ecomondo is organised by Italian Exhibition Group. CISUFLO's contribution has been accepted as oral communication during the conference on [...]

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