Polymeric multilayer-structured materials are all extremely difficult to recycle as they are comprised of multiple layers, and hence they are landfilled or incinerated at their end-of-life. Therefore, developing a methodology to delaminate/separate polymers from polymeric multilayered materials is of great importance. Separation of the individual polymer fractions enables subsequent recycling. The novel PolySep process leads to this delamination/separation, and so enables the separation of a polymer bonded to a substrate.

Polymer Comply Europe on behalf of CISUFLO conducted a survey to investigate the converting sector expectations for material composition of complex flooring waste in the frame of Task 1.5 – Separation by PolySep for complex flooring waste.

This survey’s goal is to get a better understanding of the potential market uptake of the separated materials by the plastics converting sector. The survey covers topics like the level of purity for the separated material streams, the expected mechanical properties as well as the maximum allowed contamination level and moisture content for the secondary raw materials.

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European Plastics Converters (EuPC) has drafted a report based on the outcome of the survey. To consult the report click here.