CISUFLO presents circular flooring innovation at TheGreenTech Innovation Forum 2024

The latest edition of the GreenTech Innovation Forum 2024 was held in Brussels on May 21-22. This event aims to promote collaboration and adoption of innovative solutions at the European level, becoming the main reference point for industry leaders, the research community, end users and policy makers.

The first day of the Forum addressed the complex topic of composite recycling, discussing challenges and presenting successful projects, including the CISUFLO project dedicated to sustainable flooring. Presented by project coordinator Dr. Ine De Vilder from CENTEXBEL (Belgium), as part of the Composite Recycling panel, CISUFLO aims to revolutionise the flooring industry by creating a circular and sustainable framework for carpets, resilient coatings and laminates.

During the presentation, Dr. De Vilder highlighted CISUFLO’s strategy to overcome the significant challenges of the transition to a circular economy. These challenges include the complex value chain, diverse industry connections, and different lifespans and compositions of flooring products. CISUFLO addresses these issues through systemic innovations at the technical, informational and socio-economic levels.

The presentation outlined six pilot programs designed to demonstrate the practical application and benefits of CISUFLO’s innovations. These pilot projects focus on the production and recycling of circular flooring materials, the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence for waste sorting, and the introduction of Polysep technology for material separation and additive removal. Central to the initiative is ePRODIS, an integrated product information system that ensures seamless identification, sorting and sustainability tracking.

The GreenTech Innovation Forum provided an ideal platform to demonstrate CISUFLO’s high potential to set new standards for environmental responsibility in the flooring industry, promising significant benefits for manufacturers, consumers and the environment.