CISUFLO Horizon Results Booster: KER 1 ePRODIS platform


On June 23rd, the second Exploitation & Strategy Seminar took place remotely with the CISUFLO consortium to discuss the KER 1 on the ePRODIS platform, led by RINA-C and EUFCA. Also in this case we discussed with the expert assigned to us: the problem that KER 1 intends to address the strengths of the proposed solution [...]

CISUFLO Horizon Results Booster: KER 1 ePRODIS platform2023-07-13T08:45:40+00:00

CISUFLO Horizon Results Booster: KER 2 Laminate recycling line


Last February, after a discussion with the CISUFLO consortium, ENCO as exploitation leader, applied for the Horizon Result Booster (HRB) service to be delivered in the second quarter of the year 2023. HRB is an initiative of DG RTD, free-of-charge and fully supported by the EC, which aims to maximise the impact of research funded by [...]

CISUFLO Horizon Results Booster: KER 2 Laminate recycling line2023-07-13T08:28:14+00:00

CISUFLO booth at the World Circular Economy Forum 2023


From May 30th to June 2nd, the World Circular Economy Forum 2023  (WCEF2023), co-organised by Nordic Innovation and Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, was hosted in Messukeskus, Helsinki. The circular economy solution provided by CISUFLO was presented to all 2000+ participants at the expo area stand on May 30th and 31st. To explore all circular economy champions in the [...]

CISUFLO booth at the World Circular Economy Forum 20232023-06-15T14:29:08+00:00

CISUFLO M25 GA in Ljubljana


On 8th and 9th June 2023 it was held, in person, the M25 General Assembly of CISUFLO, hosted by AQUAFIL  SpA in Ljubljana, Slovenia. On the first day, the CISUFLO consortium presented all WPs; on the second day, the consortium had the chance to visit AQUAFIL SpA facilities. M25 General Assembly of CISUFLO represented the perfect occasion [...]

CISUFLO M25 GA in Ljubljana2023-07-05T15:16:03+00:00

World Circular Economy Forum 2023


The World Circular Economy Forum 2023 (WCEF2023), co-organised by Nordic Innovation and Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, will be hosted in Messukeskus, Helsinki from May 30th to June 2nd. The WCEF2023 presents the world's leading circular economy solutions with business leaders, policymakers and experts participating from around the world. Circular economy approaches can help businesses seize [...]

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CISUFLO survey – Market uptake of the separated materials by the plastics converting sector


Polymeric multilayer-structured materials are all extremely difficult to recycle as they are comprised of multiple layers, and hence they are landfilled or incinerated at their end-of-life. Therefore, developing a methodology to delaminate/separate polymers from polymeric multilayered materials is of great importance. Separation of the individual polymer fractions enables subsequent recycling. The novel PolySep process leads [...]

CISUFLO survey – Market uptake of the separated materials by the plastics converting sector2023-03-14T09:03:05+00:00

BIG’s contribution to CISUFLO


Beaulieu International Group (BIG) is on a path to zero environmental footprint by 2030. Although carpet, vinyl and laminate have significant lifespans, recycling processes are limited. Therefore, once discarded, they’re often harmful to the environment. To change this, BIG joined the CISUFLO project aiming to develop innovative circular products for the EU flooring industry and adopting a [...]

BIG’s contribution to CISUFLO2023-02-16T11:34:54+00:00

An integrated approach to assess the environmental, social & economic impact of a circular flooring sector


About TNO TNO is an independent research organization. We connect people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. The Circular economy team, part of the Climate, Air & Sustainability group within TNO has vast and recognized experience with performing sustainability assessments, including life cycle assessments [...]

An integrated approach to assess the environmental, social & economic impact of a circular flooring sector2023-01-19T11:23:09+00:00

CISUFLO @the Transport Reseacrh Arena 2022


TRA, the Transport Research Arena, is the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility. TRA offers a great venue for researchers, policy makers and industry representatives to get together and contribute to the discussion on how research and innovation can reshape the transport and mobility system. Dr. Rosa Palmgren presented CISUFLO activities and [...]

CISUFLO @the Transport Reseacrh Arena 20222023-01-10T09:22:23+00:00

MOGU’S contribution to CISUFLO


MOGU is an innovation-driven, environmentally conscious company, dedicated to developing and scaling-up a range of mycelium-based technologies for the production of naturally-grown biomaterials. MOGU’s technology, fully rooted in Circular Economy principles, strongly relies on partnering with fungal microorganisms and on employing their vegetative body, the mycelium, as the key agent to bind and transform different [...]

MOGU’S contribution to CISUFLO2022-12-16T10:46:34+00:00
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