During the Flanders Flooring Days in May 2024, Beaulieu International Group unveiled three stunning new collections, including their debut eco-friendly vinyl collection: Twilight.

Unlike traditional vinyl flooring, which is derived from fossil fuels, the PVC used in the Twilight collection is sourced from 100% bio and circular origins. This means that the raw materials used, are renewable and contribute to the preservation of our planet’s resources.

By incorporating bio and circular PVC into our vinyl flooring, BIG reduce their reliance on virgin fossil materials and consciously promote the transition to circular resources. This has positive implications for our environment, proven by a CO2 emissions reduction of 40% compared to their conventional vinyl flooring for residential applications.

BIG’s collection of vinyl rolls is ISCC+ certified PVC according to the mass balance chain of custody principle. This International Sustainability & Carbon Certification program rigorously evaluates and verifies the usage of bio-based and circular raw materials, ensuring that our products align with our commitment to sustainability.